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Web RTC phone looks great along with the user interface rebuild, looking forward to testing it out.


I could see this being very useful via an ipad mini as a reception attendant console using the native multi touch gestures to drag and drop calls around on the screen kinda like a Cisco attendant console. Will it support doing any thing like that?


It would be a cool solution to have at customers offices allowing the receptionist a nice graphical way to move calls around and then being able to leave the desk to do office duties and still maintain the ability to control it all via the ipad.


Will there be a option to natively define your dialling device so you don't have to pick each time, just thinking if the above were true with existing offices with reception headsets paired to their desk phones they would want calls to be handled by the desk phone and not have to pick every time it it was to be used in a situation like that.

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There is some chatter that Apple is going to adapt WebRTC - after Microsoft Edge, Mozilla and Chrome. Then the Apple iPad will also (using Safari) naively support that. So far you would have to install another browser. But apart from that detail we indeed bought a tablet and used it for a few weeks, just to see how practical it is. I mean everybody is talking about it, and we want to see if that is really practical. The answer is yes, but.


The main problem is that this works only with Wifi which is a major stability problem still, at least in the environment that we had. We had to take a separate Wifi router in the 5 GHz band to give it better stability. And we needed a permanent power supply, and a good headset. Actually the headset turned out to be one of the biggest problems, as it just does sound different than an IP phone. But you can take the tablet (disconnect it from the USB power supply) and then really start walking around.


Especially such things like transfer become a lot easier with all the real estate of a tablet screen, and the "BLF" also becomes a lot easier. For an attendant, it is becoming a real option. You don't have to be a visionary any more to see more of those devices deployed in 2017.


Not sure what you mean with pick your device. The PBX will ring all of them, and you can pick up your call where you like.

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WebRTC on Apple is not the problem; you can install e.g. Chrome or Firefox on Apple products and use WebRTC. The problem is Safari where we are waiting for WebRTC.


The problem might go a little deeper; if you are writing apps for iOS that run WebRTC embedded in the JS environment, I believe it will also not support WebRTC. That is why the Vodia Android App supports "talking" while a iOS app does not (and that is why we don't have it yet).

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