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Is there a way to activate the Button from the button list of Vodia?


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I recently started playing with a new phone.


This phone has several Memory keys. I want to when a button is pressed, it calls out the representing button of the extension.


For example.


Extension 2005 has buttons set as

1 Speed Dial 17035556666

2 Speed Dial 17035556667

3 Speed Dial 17035556668


Would like to make button 1 on the phone to call out the button on Vodia and make the call to the speed dial.



Any ideas how this can be achieved?

It's a no name phone.

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I'm having a bit of a hard time reading this, specifically for the buttons.

{if_button button value}: and {fi_button}: This tag is used to help renderung buttons. The output is suspended or resumed when the button profile for the current user and the provided button is not present or it set to the provided value. This way the system can skip generating buttons when the user has not set them. Resuming the output does not require any arguments.

{ifn_button button value}: and {fin_button}: These tags work like if_button and fi_button, however with inverted logic.

and then:

{button button}: Insert a button for the current user that has the button number button. This format was used to provision snom phones and should not be used any more.

{button-label button}: Insert the label of the button number button.

{button-param button}: Insert the paramter of the button number button.


Do I need to use both of these, or can i do something along the lines of

{button-param 1}

{button-param 2}

{button-param 3}

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I didn't get which phone you are using because the templates depend highly on the phone and model.


But since we support so many phones and models, I am sure wheat you want to do should be possible out of the box provided it is one of the supported phones.


If it is one of the supported phones, then all you have to do is go to the extension when you will set on the phone and go to buttons for that extension and give it the above values (ideally set BLF for button types which also handles speed dial). Then you have to provision (setup) that phone from the PBX so that it gets all its settings including buttons from the PBX.


There are many links on our documentation page for setting up different phones and buttons etc.:




Just search for buttons and provisioning, you should see docs for the different phones.


I hope that helps.



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