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BLF buttons in web portal

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I understand that the presence page addresses my question about BLF. What about things like service flags, call parking and other things that physical buttons can do on a desk phone?


Example. We deploy hosted systems with Snom phones. If the customer's Internet is down the customer will often call us to turn on a service flag that routes calls to a cell phone or phones at a different office. If there were buttons on the web interface that could be configured as service flags the customer could use their cell phone to activate and deactivate the service flag.


We mostly deploy Snom D715 and D725 handsets. There are obviously a limited number of programmable function keys on these phones. If there were buttons on the web interface that could be programmed as service flags we would have a lot more options.


If there were buttons on the web interface that could be used to activate service flags it would be nice if the buttons would only display for users that had permissions to uses the service flag.


I like the idea of adding the presence page to the home page. Perhaps it would be nice if this option were user configurable. Maybe an option to have the presence page added to the home page and remove the link to the presence page from the top menu. Or if the user prefers leave it as is with a separate home page and presence page. Or even better let the user decide which buttons are on the home page and which are left on the presence page.


The web interface is getting better with each new release. Great job!!!

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