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we want to get a other snom TAPI drivers for CTI to work, but we need user level access not admin access to the phone with PNP is a user level provision ?
In the config file we found not the right data to access as user level in the phone.


<http_client_user perm="RW">xxxxxxxxx</http_client_user>

<http_client_pass perm="RW">xxxxxxxxx</http_client_pass>
<user_pass idx="1" perm="RW">xxxxxxxx</user_pass>
<http_user perm="RW">admin</http_user>
<http_pass perm="RW">xxxxxxxxxxxx</http_pass>
<user_host idx="1" perm="RW">xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</user_host>
<user_pass idx="1" perm="RW">xxxxxxxxxxx</user_pass>
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thanks for answer


We can change this in the template and all user with the same phone have after PNP this account credits

For the assignment of the TAPI drivers we need for each user different accounts the webaccess is not working for the phone maybe we have a misunderstanding.


CTI is not well supported from Vodia the TAPI driver work not stable with limited features and associated with too much support with customers and in the end we give up.
The manufacturers of CTI solution support CSTA but not the Vodia PBX and give no support!
For every tip who knows a solution that works I am very happy
We are trying to setup that CTI solution http://phonesuite.de/ have TAPI for snom and yealink the solution is not to big very smart and inexpensive.
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Accessing the phone is a different thing that accessing the web interface of the PBX. For the phone, you will use the username/password set in the PnP section of the domain. This is the same for all phones in the domain. Accessing the web interface of the PBX for the user will use the username and the web password for that account. This is the one that is also used for CSTA.


I would not roll out any new TAPI. IMHO this is a technology of the past. Everything is now HTTP. CTI integration is massively moving this direction. In a nutshell it means using ActionURL and REST API.

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our solution until the HTTP and co take over the TAPI



The new ECSTA 5 Release contains driver for yealink and snom ;-)



and only TAPI Driver for TAPICALL etc. we use driver from http://www.phonesuite.de/ also available for yealink and snom


yealinks and snom phones are well supported with this solution.

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