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Provide detailed CDR of user imputs of Auto attendant?


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Would like to be to provide a list such as the CDR that would display what callers are dialing in the auto attendant. I checked the CDRs provided by the system and they're very useless. They just say what number called the specific IVR and what time. That's it. But would like to know what options or extensions users are dialing. Any way to achieve this?


For example


2:57 4844488888 225 5:12mins

2:59 8494685456 1 15:12mins


I see the Extension variable but it's empty value.




This is what I see in the email_ive_cdr.htm

{ssi header Subject}{lng title} {ssi variable date}{ssi header -1-}{ssi oem banner}{ssi header}{ssi file email_header.htm}
<p class="header2Text">{lng email_cdr.htm#intro} {ssi variable date}</p>
<p class="cText">{lng email_cdr.htm#total1}{ssi variable total_calls}{lng email_cdr.htm#total2}{ssi variable total_duration}{lng email_cdr.htm#total3}</p>
{ssi start inline true}
<table class="cText" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0">
  <tr class="header2Text">
    <td>{lng email_cdr.htm#time}</td>
    <td>{lng email_cdr.htm#from}</td>
    <td>{lng email_cdr.htm#to}</td>
    <td>{lng email_cdr.htm#duration}</td>
    <td>{lng dom_accounts.htm#name_ext}</td>
  {ssi variable history}
{ssi stop inline true}
{ssi file email_footer.htm}

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That CDR is a very organized feature. If you would like to have more details then you can configure the CDR settings on your Domain level (in General settings) as seen in the image.

Beware, that it will generate the CDR call legs for both the Inbound and Outbound calls going via the PBX for every call you make. Make sure you assign a separate folder (in your outlook for e.g) for these mails if you choose your CDRs via e-mails and if you have lots of calls happening per minute.


For more details check this out : https://vodia.com/doc/domain_settings#Call_Detail_Records_(CDRs)


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But my question is, why doesn't the extension come up? That would solve all my problems? I'm assuming it should be inserted as this has the value column already inserted.


And even in the Domain CDR it still does not show the IVR to extension information as seen here:


I think there's an issue with {ssi variable history} where it does not display the extension value.
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It depends upon how do you want to see the logs. I have tried via "Email" and "file" option and the logs show me the extension which picked up the call. These are my settings on the PBX and the output of the CDR file generated in my generated folder. Now, the information is a little in plethora on our website, but you have to go slowly and steadily to read it out and implement it. (Search for "file" on this webpage to understand my implementation.)




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