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Service flags on Grandstream gxp2160

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I see in the wiki that service flags are not supported on Grandstream.


Is there a way to program a button on a Grandstream to work like a service button so when you press the button the service flag is activated and the button lights up?


Are there any plans to get more of the button types on the Grandstream working, especially service flags?

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I am probably programming the Grandstream incorrectly since I do not have a lot of experience with the gxp2160. I tried setting it to a BLF in the button profile of the extension but it did not seem to work. I did not log into the phone to check if the button was actually programmed correctly. We started testing the Grandstream phones months ago but stopped because BLF did not work well. There have been many firmware upgrades for the Grandstream phones over the past 6 months. Now the BLF and PARK seem to work correctly. BLF and PARK are very important so it is good to see those features working reliable. Service flags are important as well so it would be good to see them working too,


We mostly deploy Snom phones so we are spoiled in that we can just program things and they work. However the Snom phones look a little dated. The gxp2160 looks great and are at a nice price point. It would be nice if the Grandstrem phones could work as easily as the Snom phones. Since V-tech purchased Snom we could possibly see some more up to date models from Snom/V-Tech.

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