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Hi All,


How do we transfer customisation to the default web templates within Vodia PBX to another PBX? Can we just move the html files into the new root folder? PBXWEBAi seems to work fine. I have put the webpages folder inside root and inside PBXWEBAI and both still are not read from the system./



note the CSS and IMG is working fine. 

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If you copy the pbxwebai (that stands for PBX Webpages Administrator Interface), pbxwebui (that stands for PBX Webpages User Interface) and the webpages directory (which contains changes that were made from within the web interface) it would clone those changes to another server. If there was anything in the webpages directory you will need to restart the service so that the PBX can read those pages in. The other two directories do not require a restart.

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