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Determining if a person is on the phone while calling them

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One of my customers ask if when calling from internally extension to extension if it was possible to determine if the  extension being called is busy. I know we can do this with BLF but they don't have enough buttons for all the phones. They claim their old system did this.

The way they explained the feature was that A calls B. B is on the phone. In the display of A there was some kind of visual indication that B was on the phone. Not sure what the old system was but it was an older analog system.

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I realize that this is not a feature of any current version of Vodia PBX. As I mentioned in my initial post, it was a feature of their old phone system.

It would seem to be a useful feature for a future version if it is even possible to do on the Vodia PBX.

I have not offered the solution of camp on yet, but will check it out.

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