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API to transfer an active call


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I am developing a web interface and would like to be able to transfer an active call. I found a topic about CSTA in the forums but it didn't get me anywhere. I am wondering if there is something where I can give the active call id and be able to transfer it. 

I am using the remote_call.htm right now but the workflow isn't user friendly as the person has to answer the phone in order for the call to transfer. 

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yes, I am wanting to blind transfer a call through an api. I am trying to build a receptionist dashboard so a receptionist can see who is on calls and which people are available so she can transfer calls to the person.  I looked through the rest documentation that you posted but was unable to find a rest call to do that. I think there is a way to do it through web sockets but it requires a cookie which complicates things and would not work. I found documentations about CSTA located here https://vodia.com/documentation/csta_api  which would probably work but I am unsure what the url is to send events to.

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