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can't set conference password v.58


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We just upgraded from v.56 to v.58 and while all existing ad-hoc conference moderator and access passwords work, we cannot set passwords to new ad-hoc conferences.

I can fill just the moderator code and save, joining conference doesn't prompt for password.

Similarily if I fill the access code, the field turns into a red X and the save button gets greyed out, unless the moderator code and access code is the same. Even if i make it the same and save, it doesn't "take", i still get logged in right away.

Pictures attached.



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We tested this on our latest 60.0 version and everything seemed to work fine. Please picture attached. Make sure you are not using the password codes that you have used previously anywhere (no matter if it's a new ad-hoc conference, it's just a security measure). If that still doesn't go through, then try upgrading to 60.0 and the issue might disappear.

P.S: Do make sure you give us a call before upgrading to 60.0.



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Unfortunatley we cannot upgrade to v.60 until we iron out the changes that appeared after upgrading to v.58.  We lost our ringing customization for Yealink phones that were not provisioned with Vodia but we opened a separate ticket for that and we'll try to work it through.

I looked in the conference directory XML file and the new conference I created in v.58 has encrypted pins while the v.56 conferenced had clear text. Any way I can turn off PIN encryption in the xml files ? 



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