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Override of auto service flag - 73C92A - A9A5C2


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Our PBX provider has advised there is a bug in the Vodia software, which prevents a user from using a function key assigned to an Automatic Service Flag, to manually set / clear the flag.

We use a service flag for day / night mode. We have it set to automatic (9am to 5pm Weekdays = CLEAR / 5pm to 9am & Saturday, Sunday = SET)

We have this Service Flag assigned to a function key on the SNOM handsets using the buttons profile.

Occasionally when staff work back or get into work early, or are on a lunch break / meeting, they will want to override the service flag. They should be able to do this by simply pressing the function key of that service flag to toggle it from CLEAR <-> SET

However when they do this, instead of the service flag toggling, they get an erroneous voice message saying "Press 1 press 2 press 4".

Our PBX provider has told us that this isn't their problem, and that its an issue with the Vodia software.

Can you please;


1> Confirm if this is a known bug

2> Advise when it will be rectified

3> Advise if there is a feasible work around to this issue


Thank you.




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Service provider Vonex have advised that having this to work is a feature request and not a bug fix.

I have directed them to the only manual where it states the feature exists.

Calling a Service Flag
"Both in automatic and manual mode, the state of the service flag can be changed from the phone (since version 5.4.2)."

Can you please clarify if this is a bug or a feature request so I can inform Vonex to as they seem to be wanting to fob this off.

Its a very simple feature, however its important for clients to be able to take their system out of night mode easily if they happen to arrive into work early or on a weekend.


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