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61.1 Blacklist


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There was a bug where it would initially permanently whitelist addresses for the trunk, then when there was a call, it would whitelist if for the duration of the call, well and when the call ended it would delete the entry. Then the trunk was essentially not whitelisted and this could lead to blacklisting. Anyway, as we make build for 61.1 that problem should be fixed in the latest build. 

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I upgraded to 62.0 to pickup the fixes where the PBX would accidentally blacklist trunk IPs, however after the upgrade it seems to be blacklisting phones that have never had an issue registering in the past (and their configs have not changed).  If I whitelist their IPs, they can successfully register.  In some cases I noticed that the phone has successfully registered, however the IP was then blacklisted after the fact when subscribing to a BLF.

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My trunks are all hardcoded to IPs, and they are working fine after 62.0 however my phones that started to have issues after upgrading to 62.0 are all using DNS if that could be part of the issue.

Also I saw some comments that 62.0 would have options to set the dynamic blacklist at either the IP, or the Port level.  I do not see that option, as well as I believe a related feature was a ratelimit on the emails that it generates, and I do not see those options either.

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