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Question: CO Line Functionality


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I was just wondering if the Shared Line/ co line functionality will be making a return in the new version 62?


I remember reading in one of the blog posts that the shared line will cease to exist in version 60+, but i can see from the new button list in version 61 that there is allocation for co lines.


Provisioned a 320 with the buttons being co lines and accounts co1, co2, co3...etc Similar to how it's described in your wiki: https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_colines, but doesn't work like the older versions. Just to recap, in the past people would press a shared line and the button lit up on every phone to indicate the line is in use. On version 61.1 the button provisions it as a BLF that enables monitoring, but  the line can't be selected so this does not have much usage. The value is provisioned as sip:co1@test@testdomain;user=phone>|*87.


I'm guessing the value is provisioned in such a fashion to push for the usage of park orbits.


Thank you


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Well lets face it - shared lines are a dinosaur like like the prefix that got killed with Kari's law this year. There is simply no such thing as a line in the world of SIP trunks. We still have something that shows the state of a CO line account, but it is not the same like a original TDM CO line. It would be much easier to just use a park orbit or use the hold/transfer features that practically every VoIP phones offers today. We had many clients that came from CO-line world and they did not cry a single tear dropping the concept and more on to park orbits or handling the calls locally on their phones.

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CO Lines have been used for other uses where rather than using multiple identities CO Line would offer a better option so that by selecting a CO Line will determine the ANI sent out for that call. This is an important use for serviced offices.

We have set up CO lines as per the documentation, but something appears to be missing as these do not work. We set up CO 1 to CO4 as accounts 811 - 814, these are assigned to buttons on a handset. However, when the button is pressed the response is Not Found?

There is a requirement to enter a parameter but no documentation on what the parameters might be or any examples. CO lines show inbound and outbound parameters separately? Also the request url?

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CO lines in SIP work different than in old key systems, especially when "seizing" a line. In order to seize a line the phone actually needs to make a call to the co-line account. Then you would have to enter the phone number in this call - and there would be no way to delete the last digit and the phone system would have to guess when the number is complete to send it to the SIP trunk.

In many cases it is better to just use park orbits instead where there is no seizing of lines, just park and pickup.

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