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FreshBook Integration


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Hi, I'm using Vodia 5.3.2 version and I want to integrate it with freshbook. I was reading the doc https://doc.vodia.com/billing and I found I need to generate a token to authenticate PBX with Freshbook. When I click here https://vodia.com/en/freshbooks to generate token it says page not found. Please allow how can I integrate PBX with freshbook?


Thank You

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Hi I've upgraded to version 62.0 but still it's not generating email when I run a test. Have you tested in your environment? Also I tried to integrate it with fresh book but it didn't work too.  I do not have account at https://my.freshbooks.com though we have hosted domain from fresh book like https://voip.freshbooks.com. I've URL and Auth Token from fresh book and I enter correctly under fresh book option. I also put the values in Monthly billing and run test but it's not sending email as well not creating any invoice at fresh book. Please advise.

Monthly Billing.JPG

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I would turn logging for the webclient and watch what is happening when you hit the test button. There should be messages going back and forth with freshbooks; the authentication phase is the important one.

Another thing is that you need at least some history - after you have set it up you might have to wait a day to see any useful usage information.

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