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Hello Everyone.

Please forgive such a "newbie" inquiry, but I have only been using the PBX Software since the middle of March. Hamlet at Vodia did about 98% of the setup for me and did it so fast that I could not keep up while he was doing the work.

When I started, I had a Yealink T46S which Hamlet made work in what seemed like a minute. So, I recently get the T48S from Yealink and hesitantly following emailed instructions from support, just changed the Mac Address which in theory should have just swapped phones. THIS DID NOT WORK! 😞 So now both of the phones that I have here are essentially paperweights. NOTHING IS WORKING ON EITHER PHONE.

I have called and emailed Vodia and it seems that Hamlet is the only support person there and he is obviously very busy. I need some help with this sooner versus later. Is there anyone in America who speaks perfect English that is willing to help me fix whatever I have done in error via screen-share and do it slowly enough that I can watch and grasp the idea? I am a hands-on visual learner so the docs have not been of much help to me. If someone shows me how to do something, I retain the knowledge.

If anyone is willing to assist, please reach out ASAP.

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Well there is https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_yealink and also we'll do a free training next week in upper state New York in case you want to quickly come there. If you are setting up phones n the LAN, there is https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_lan_prov - if the T46S was factory reset you should be able to assign it to an extension literally with one click.

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Unfortunately, that did not work. I see the mac addresses on the system but the buttons are not clickable. I can't make it cross country for the training. Is there any one to one online training available? I have got to be missing something and with no one at Vodia available in support, I am totally out of the ballpark here

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