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private line buttons on Snom D385


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We're currently testing the new Snom D385 phone with LCD button labels. When assigning the phone buttons we noticed that the "private line" feature of the phone does not work as expected: If you assign a private line to a button using the phone web interface itself and you do not provide a custom label the button is automatically labeled with "Private line", as soon as you're using this line the label in the button display changed to the remote party number (or name) so that you can see which call is on each line (really cool feature due to the LCD labels).
If you configure the private line through the Vodia provisioning we can either assign a custom label for the private line, which is always displayed or the PBX automatically assigns the label "extension number: last name, first name" but it's impossible to configure an unlabeled button so that the phone will label it with the current remote party.
Could you please provide the possibility to provision "private line" buttons without any label so the button LCD can show the current remote party?


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