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response for group absentee


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with *87+extension I make an absent response on extensions that does not respond.
with *87 I make a generic answer

I was wondering if you could create "response groups for absent, and its code "*87" to respond only to that group.

- crying ground extension 201-202-203
- second floor extension 209-210-211
- 201 calls 202 and the 209 digit *87 to answer another call actually answers the 201 without wanting it.

I have several customers with this need and this lack limits my sales.

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example scenario:
Company first floor -> extension 201-202-203-204
Company fourth floor -> extension 209-210-211-212
Company seventh floor -> extension 215-216-217

if example 209 calls the 217 and extension 201 dials *87 to answer the other call actually answers the 209.
And that's not good.
you would need to create response groups for absent,
group 1 -> 201-202-203-204
group 2 -> 209-210-211-212
group 2 -> 215-216-217

with *87+ inside I answer to the extension ringing
with *87 I answer in a generic way
with *87+2 (example) I answer the incoming call on group 2
Almost all telephone exchanges have this option, even Grandstream's UCM for example has this important option.

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