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IOP / SSH / serial terminal login

Byron Paul

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Hello there, regarding the IOP appliance, I have searched unsuccessfully for info on what the default username / password is for both SSH and the USB serial terminal console. We have a customer who's IOP won't get DHCP and the logical thing to do is connect to the local serial console for fault finding however this doesn't seems to be documented anywhere I can find. Does anyone here know where this documentation might be or what the values are by default?


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for your answer. Confirming SoftwareVersion: 63.0.1 (Vodia mini PBX (Debian)) Build Date: Apr 26 2019 19:08:14 License status Vodia PBX Standard 4 (Vodia mini PBX (Debian))

OK, have discovered after a full reboot (?) the serial console will accept root login using the password from the previously set Vodia admin account. Now that I'm in by serial I have found that the reason SSH isn't working for user root is because of the 'PermitRootLogin no' entry in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Also, there are no other users on the IOP to login e.g. to match the 'admin' user in the Vodia app (NOTE: other than a mantnc account which I'm assuming is a maintenance account as it has some reset scripts etc in the home folder).

Looks like options are to either:

  1. create a new Linux user to login as via SSH or
  2. edit the PermitRootLogin value in sshd_config to allow root login

I think this needs a bit of tidying up - at the very least documentation of the serial access so users can fix this up themselves (hopefully this forum note helps others in the future). This particular instance is just for an evaluation but regardless of the overall low value of the device the additional time involved in gathering this information would have otherwise just negated the value proposition of the IOP if being used in production on a new customer site.

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Well the PermitRootLogin is supposed to be yes. Just double-checked the script, IMHO that should be in there. This should get called whenever the SSH setting changes.

This does not work on a standard Raspberry Pi, we are checking if the MAC address starts with "d8:e0:04" (on Pi we assume that whoever installed the PBX has already SSH access and we don't want to mess with it). 

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