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Mass DID creation


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I hope you'll consider an "automatism" :)
With reference to the DID an application,
Is it possible to differentiate each DID on the example day/night situation?
DID 0343383222 -> 222
the customer would like that in the day that DID is intended for 222 and in the night the same DID goes in message of company closure.
I don't understand if it is possible to associate a service flag or how?

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Please use this API command to make new DID entries: (You have to fire this command from the terminal of your laptop)

curl -u admin:password -D - http://pbx_ip_or_domain/rest/system/did  -X POST -d "{'cmd':'add', 'did':'9999999', 'dom':'1', 'user':'2', 'outbound':'true'}"

Everything else should be fairly self explanatory apart from these fields:

"Dom" is the ID number of the domain (which you will have to find out before you begin to write API for the DID) which you can find using this: https://api.vodia.com/domains_lists_api (please crl + f for the word "id" to be more visible)

"user" is the user to which you want to assign the DID to and that has an ID too. Which has to be found before hand using the same API page as above.

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Yes, your programmer should look into it if you need that functionality. But it's really not that difficult. It's just one simple command in a loop of 100 or 1000 depending on number of DID's you want implemented. Google for simple bash script should get this sorted real soon.

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