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Increase ring time over 180 seconds


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I did this. 


http://pbxip/reg_status.htm?save=save&max_ring_duration=3600 , double checked that the pbx.xml got updated. Then restarted the service. But it still does not go past 120 seconds. 

Ringing a hunt group. First stage is an extension with 120 seconds, but it disconnects before going to the second stage.

If I put 60 seconds per stage. It goes to both stages then disconnects.

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The phones also have their settings - e.g. you will have to re-provision Poly.com phones if you change that setting. You will see if you look at the SIP traces; the phone might send a 408 timeout or something like that.

If you change the setting like this through the web interface (not sure if this still works in 63) you don't need to restart the service.

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