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We have a requirement here in a Vodia system where an extension wants to call another extension and if the called extension does not pick up the call then the call should just simply drop-off.


But what we get to see is somewhat different, we see as follows:


Calls made internally (from any extension) to other extension/s would make the extensions ring and if not picked up then no message bank becomes active although you listen to the following ring back tone “There was no answer to your request. Press 1 to receive a call back when the extension becomes available”.


What we (actually the client) want is to just not to listen to anything and the call would just simply drop.


Moreover, when calls made internally in within extensions is there a way to specifically extend the ringing duration of the target extension/s. The duration that we get to see is 60 seconds. Is there a way to extend or reduce ringing duration of individual extension.

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