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Password and settings LDAP


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You cannot set the LDAP password - it is automatically generated. This is because many SIP phones don't support TLS or StartTLS or it is simply buggy (e.g. no SNI extension and problems with the certificate). Then it is better to limit the damage and have a separate password just for LDAP which does not have the permission to make calls. 

But you can use the web password instead. It serves as the "master password" for the account - bear in mind if that password leaks out attackers will be able to make calls using the password.

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Thank you for your answer,
I looked at what the Yealink phone receives but unfortunately I can not see in clear the pswd.
The web pswd works, but since I wanted to create a manual template for Yealink phones, it becomes uncomfortable on every phone to modify the LDAP pswd. I find it strange that there can be no way to read what the Vodia server sends as LDAP pswd setting. 

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Thank you,
as soon as I can, I'll try and catch you up,
Unfortunately Yealink phone configuration side shows this:

### For security, the following parameters with password haven't been display in this file.
###account.1.password = 
###static.auto_provision.server.password = 
###ldap.password = 


I think it was more convenient if Vodia in the webpage /reg_ports.htm had 2 more options:
LDAP Credentials (mandatory and complex):
- user =
- password =

This way it would be easier for everyone and would be useful for every phone vendor (provisioning aside)



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