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Ringback Tone Functionality


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I just wanted to clarify the Ringback tone functionality on an Agent group "Agent Group / Caller Setup / Audio / Ringback tone"

When a single call is in the queue and an agent is available: Setting it to "Regular ringback" plays the ringback tone, but non of the periodic announcements (wav file 1, wav file 2, etc) - which understandably  because caller one is not technically in the queue, it is in the ringback state.

However when set to "no ringback tone" the single caller in the queue hears the music as well as the periodic announcements, but presumably this single caller is still in the same ringback state?

My question now being...With the "Regular Ringback" setting, is there also a way for the single caller to hear the periodic messages as well while they are waiting for an agent to pick up the call the same as when "no ringback tone" is set?

And also...is there a way for callers 2+ who are in the queue to hear a ringback tone instead of music?



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Ringback usually means that a human is being called and that the call will connect within seconds. Generally we want to keep it that way. That is why the ACD plays that sound when an agent is being called for the current call. 

However there are situations where this is not desirable, e.g. when agents are available only sporadically or when it takes a long time to get an agent to answer the call, and you want to keep the caller on the phone. Yes The way this currently works is that there are no more announcements rendered into the music - a very subtle hint that the ACD is actually ringing an agent! 

You can actually have multiple calls ringing. For example the ACD can assign the call to a specific agent and then schedule the next agent, even while that call is still ringing. For that, you can set the "Allow multiple calls to ring agents in parallel" option to yes.

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