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TAPI ConnectWise Integration

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We recently activated the TAPI integration with ConnectWise Manage for our support desk however we quickly found an issue that led us to having to disable it straight away,


With TAPI enabled and ConnectWise open we can make calls from the desk phones however afterwe trigger a call from ConnectWise and then try make a call from the desk phone all iInbound and Outbound calls to/from that extension show Busy as soon as the call starts to ring.

If we then try to trigger a call from ConnectWise the call works fine. If we close ConnectWise then the desk phone works straight away no issues. If we open ConnectWise again it remains working until we trigger a call from ConnectWise.


I've mentioned ConnectWise alot however we are also talking to them to see if there are any issues they could assist with at the same time.

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Let us wait to hear back from ConnectWise about this, because there would be no logs that you can send which will help you explain this to us further right?

If yes, please send it over.

Also what version of PBX are you seeing this?

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No - We checked the TAPI via Debug and nothing showed up. I was hoping to get a log from the PBX to see what it does when a call is made from the handset and the pbx is rejecting the calls as "Busy"

I made a video of it to demo the issue if I could send it somewhere for review?

Is there a log of just the TAPI/TSP?


63.0 (CentOS64)
Build Date:
Apr 18 2019 16:50:33

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