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Version 64.x problems with sending out voicemails emails


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Testing on a 64.1 version, and it seems something broke the emails from gouing out. The emails for voicemails are only sent at midnight. I checked my test server and a gmail account. All the emails are under pending in the email setup. When I look into the logs it says that they are Scheduled for sending.


[7] 15:06:22.694	smtp.gmail.com:587: Scheduling email to <email@eeee.com>
[7] 15:06:22.694	smtp.gmail.com:587: Start sending to <email@eeee.com>
[7] 15:06:22.695	smtp.gmail.com:587: DNS A returned
[7] 15:06:22.695	smtp.gmail.com:587: Connect to
[7] 15:06:22.722	smtp.gmail.com:587: Connected
[9] 15:06:22.751	Received 54 SMTP bytes
[8] 15:06:22.752	Received SMTP traffic
220 smtp.gmail.com ESMTP 
[8] 15:06:22.752	Send SMTP traffic
EHLO localhost
[9] 15:06:22.783	Received 167 SMTP bytes
[8] 15:06:22.783	Received SMTP traffic
250-smtp.gmail.com at your service
[8] 15:06:22.783	Send SMTP traffic


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Looks like this is a TLS problem. We did have a problem some versions ago when the email server (especially Microsoft servers) were requesting a client certificate - the PBX would actually send it however the server would not like it. We fixed it also on the 64.0 branch. I would turn on TLS logging to see what is happening.

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