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IVR Node with External Application help


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Yes, in the log there is no mention of anything going to the URL. 

I was able to use to-based routing to using a random value: !.*!60000!, and it sort of works. It ends up sending it to the action:url but, the call disconnects right away, and the value sent is "" (null).

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It is sending it, but with a null value. Wireshark and the log shows the same thing.

1. I dont understand why I need to specify To-based routing match list? The documentation mentions that only List of actions should be set it action:url.

2. The Connection timeout and Read timeout under the Action URL tab are completely ignored and the call is automatically redirected if the Destination RegEx (e.g. !([0-9]*)!\1): is set to something. 

3. Well and the worst part, it is still null.

Sorry I dont know what you mean by asking to send an Http packet? 


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