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Windows App and Bluetooth


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I am testing the windows app and i must say it works well. i am utilizing a bluetooth app connected to the onboard bluetooth in my laptop to make and take calls. While the headset does ring, I cannot answer the call with the headset. Is there a way to make the answer button on the headset pick up the call?

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Guest wwalkjer@dodo.com.au

I have bought a JBL live head set so i could use Vodia while not having to sit at my desk BUT I cant answer calls with the headset why? Is there a setting that needs to be fixed. If not what head set  should I have got to be able to answer  a call when away from my desk?

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Dialpad and Zoom seem to offer Bluetooth headset function?  This is who we will lose our clients to, they also offer video meetings as a bundle...





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