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Star codes for call forwarding


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One of our customer is using vodia sip accounts on his own software linked with xvod sip account to proceed automatic calls via CSV files.

When the operator want to transfer a call to a colleague (or manager) : he can solely use the software as there is no deskphone on the extension.

The software used only has a virtual keyboard with 1234567890*# keys, so it is possible to click on these keys to use vodia star codes (for example to transfer a call clicking on *77 could make the job). The problem is before using this specific service code, the call is supposed to be placed on hold.

The virtual keyboard of the software doesn’t have any "on hold" button.

This problem can also appear if he uses for example a GIGASET C530 SIP PHONE who doesn't have a transfer key.

Is there a way to :

- either enabling the possibility to use the *77 starcode without putting the call on hold ?

- or provide us a tone (maybe dtmf or else) or new starcode we could apply to put a call on hold before dialing *77 ?


I tried to already look on the Vodia documentation in the part about star codes here

and found this topic dealing with this issue : 

 but I still couldn't find the solution our customer needs to be able to transfer calls via his software without which he would go for another IPBX solution.



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7 hours ago, eddiem said:

The virtual keyboard of the software doesn’t have any "on hold" button.

Are you referring to the PBX? If yes, then we do have an On-hold button on the user portal and our apps.


Also if you're unable to use those desktop phones, why not switch to our Apps? We have all kinds.

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The *77 has to be a new call, with the call that is being transferred being on hold. DTMF does not help.

We have the ## key when the call is supposed to come from a cell phone. That might be a trick for getting this done. One way could be to set up a trunk that is associated with the phone and then use a caller-ID like "softphone123" which is set as the cell phone number of the account that you actually want to use. Then the caller would have the possibility to hold the call with ## and then hear the options like transfer call, bridge calls or conference calls.

Maybe we'll just add a setting to the extension that makes the PBX listen for the ## in order to better handle such devices.


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Thank you for the answer. An option in within the extension section would actually very useful and I hope you can implement it soon.

For now, when I answer a call on the GSM attached to the extension, the ## key offers the possibility to transfer the call which is exactly what I am looking for.

Nevertheless, I do not manage to set up the trunk as I am not sure to understand the documentation here : https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_ani

On a testing server, I have tried to set the GSM number linked to the extension as "Outbound number (ANI):"

And I set up in Caller-ID SIP : 

From : Extension ANI

P-Asserted-Identity : Extension ANI

P-Preferred-Identity : Extension ANI

Remote-Party-ID : Extension ANI

I get the following results :

when I call the DDI associated to the extension, the GSM and the Desktop phone/softphone both ring but I can only use the keys ## if I answer the call on the GSM.

On the GSM, caller ID appears to be the GSM number I put as extension NDI.

On the desktop phone/softphone, the caller ID remains the telephone number of the caller, so I guess this is why I cannot use hear the options you mentioned.

Would you help me find what I am doing wrong ?


Best regards

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First of all, I want to thank you for you attentiveness in offering this wonderful functionality !

We tried it on the IPBX of a customer today. We plan to upgrade also our own machines tonight to be able to use this special menu.

Everything is working smooth, and the PBX also offered us the different choices in french which is exactly what we were looking to achieve. This menu is working as well on vintage desktop phones as on softphones.

There is only one bug we found. If the call is placed on hold using the keys ## and then the user of the extension hangs up the call, then the call doesn't terminate and the other part continues to hear the music.

Also, there was no label on the option in "registration" which made the option difficult to find. Maybe a label like "offer special ## menu to the extension" could work ?

I hope this wonder will remain in all future releases.

Thank you very much again !

Best regards,




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The label was missing in the dictionary, which should be included now (though it is only in English right now). 

Hanging up yes indeed that keeps the call still connected. It was like that for years when using this from the cell phone, but maybe we should change that—at least if we are using "vintage" phones.

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The problem with the call staying connected is that in case for any reason the call gets terminated on our side when the caller has been put on hold : the call gets terminated solely on one side of the communication which should not happen. (the caller cannot stay connected to the pbx hearing the music for eternity 😛 )

For me it should be that when our phone hangs up the call, the other parts has to be disconnected too, shall the call be on hold or not (the call has to be terminated on both sides).

All the best,



[EDIT] : as we tried again today to use the ## functionalities 

- the caller on hold doesn't hear anymore a music while being on hold

- on the telephone using the ## menu : the communication stays connected after transferring the call and the user keeps hearing the menu choices

- sometimes, the system offers the following options which normally are offered when two calls or more are parked 

 * put parked calls in conference (3)

* connect the calls in parking (3)  

- other times it offers the possibility to transfer the calls ( which is the result we need)

- finally it sometimes offer the possibility to listen to the voicemail of the extension

What I do not understand here is why the options change even though we didn't use any star codes to park the calls, and there is no Park orbit accounts configured on the domain.

Maybe you are working at the moment on these functionalities ?




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We tried again this functionality which is working now perfectly on all our telephones, except on Yealink T57W phones.

Users getting a call on this model of phone do not ear anything as soon as they are put on hold with ##. 

Transferring the call with the choice 2 or taking the call again with 0 doesn't help. The users on yealink T57W doesn't ear anything, even though the other person can still hear this user talking.

Using other models of telephone (T42S, T46G: the problem doesn't occur).

Do you have any idea what could cause this issue and how to solve it ?

Best regards,


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