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Enzo Matrix

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Hey there,

Is it possible to get the contact sync that has been created available for use with Office 365 / Exchange Online?

We have to use multi-factor authentication to login to Office 365 to access emails etc, and it doesn't look like the apps allow for that at the moment.

That is, unless I haven't done something correctly, like create an app password - which I will go try now.


So, I guess my quick question, does anyone have contact sync and conference syncing working with Office (Microsoft) 365 / Exchange Online services


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I tried this as it's an good feature. but cannot get it to work.



If you want to sync only the contacts and not the calendar, then keep the Also Sync Calendar setting to Off (explained in the next section).
Select the number of minutes that you want the system to repeat sync in the Re-sync timer setting.
If you don’t want to repeat sync, select Off.
Press Save.
Press Sync (for one time sync as well as for the repeat synching to start, if that setting is NOT set to "Off".)

I cannot find the Sync button in the app and not in the web interface. 

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Mine is still not working. 

1. I cannot erase the iinformation i put in the first time. If I replace it, the interface resets and goes back and disregards the new info I entered.

2. It doesn't sync. It says "Saved". The contacts don't appear in the in my address book.

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