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Parked call ring back


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Hello all. I have a customer who asked me to have parked calls ring back to the person who originally parked it after a given amount of time. I went into the domain settings and set the "Park Reminder" to 2 minutes, and the calls do ring back after 2 minutes like the customer asked. The problem is that when they do ring, back they'd like some sort of indicator that the call that is ringing is a call that had been parked for 2 minutes. Right now, they just appear as though they are new incoming calls, and so the agents just answer them in that way which sometimes irritates the callers and they say something like "I've already been holding!" Is there a way to change this so the agents know a ringing call is one that is ringing back because of the "Park Reminder" feature? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I'm running Vodia Multi-Tenant PBX hosted on Google, version 67.0.1

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Its probably more important to know that there is someone waiting in a park orbit than showing the caller-ID. We could make that an option for the park orbit, so that we don't loose the functionality to show the original caller-ID, e.g. for VoIP phones with a small display. But we should have an option to just show the name of the park orbit for that call and then when the user accepts the call, we can change the caller-ID back to the original caller-ID.

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