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How can I use the Polycom default ringtone on Hunt Group calls


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Hello. I have a customer with Polycom VVX411 phones. Once I set them up on the Vodia PBX, it replaced the original Polycom "low trill" ringtone with one that I believe is provided by the Vodia PBX. I have incoming calls go to a Hunt Group, so I tried setting the "Ring Melody" within the Hunt Group settings to all of the different options, and none of them are the default Polycom ringtone. I even tried deleting all of the custom ringtones which I assume were uploaded to the phone by the PBX while provisioning, and while that did make it use one of the Polycom notification tones as the ringtone, it still won't play the default ringtone. I also tried uploading the default ringtone as a custom ringtone directly to the phone itself, and I named it Alert1.wav which is how the PBX named the custom ringtone, but still no luck. Any idea how I can get the Polycoms to use the default ringtone? My customer reeeeally wants the old ringtone back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I'm using Vodia Multi-Tenant version 67.0.2 hosted on Google

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Can you try to change the audio file on the PBX itself for the default ringtone?

YOu can see through the admin logs which exact file plays when the phone rings, and then later find that file inside the system level of the PBX and replace it with the file of your choice?

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Ok, thank you, I'll look into that. Also, in what format should the audio files be? I have looked through the documentation and haven't been able to find that info. I know it should be a wave and mono, just not sure about the Hz (I assume 8000Hz), and if there are any other details I need to adjust.

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To have the Polycom VVX411 use the default ringtone:

Check the audio settings on the Polycom admin web interface.
Create or download a default ringtone with the name "Alert1.wav."
Check the PBX and hunt group settings to ensure correct bell configuration.
Make sure the default ringer has a higher priority if available.

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