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Issues with Yealink RPS since upgrade


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Recently upgraded to 67.0.5.

Communication with Yealink RPS seems to be broken.

Enabled logging 9 and seeing RPS failed messages when the Vodia PBX tries to communicate with Yealink RPS.

" Problems with adding Yealink server http://xxx.xxx/prov/yealink.cfg?rps=1 and name e320536db9415xxxxxx"

"Add Yealink MAC 805E0C0Axxxx to server undefined"

"RPS failed"

Tried regenerating the API key and Secret, no change.

Checked my servers IP is in the allowed list on the Yealink RPS.

This was working perfectly before the upgrade.

Is there a know issue?

P.S. SNOM RPS working fine

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For some reason the communication between my Vodia PBX AWS Instance and Yealink is failing and I don't know why.

I have the correct API key and secret in place, and the API path is default "https://api-dm.yealink.com:8443/xmlrpc"

I have also added the public IP of my server to the Allow list in Yealink DM.

But every time the Vodia PBX needs to contact Yealink to update I get failures;

   "Problems with adding Yealink server http://xxx.xx.xxxx.com.au/prov/yealink.cfg?rps=1 and name d635e03fd52be8585876

   "Add Yealink MAC 805EC0CDD185 to server undefined"

   "RPS failed"

It retires 4 times and stops.

I've tried this with new PBX domains and old ones, new MAC addresses and old ones, they all fail now.

This use to work well, but since the upgrade to 67.0.5 its stopped working.

Can you suggest what I might be able to do to troubleshoot this further?
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