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Grandstream GDMS and Vodia

Hawk IT

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Hi Support, 


      Are there any plans to start supporting the Grandstream GDMS RPS platform in the future? I still cannot get the GAPS RPS to work for GS phones, its been over a year, so I've abandoned them. But the pricepoint for the new GRP series is quite attractive.   Any way forward? --JM

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Where handsets are concerned GDMS supports the GRP261x, GRP260x, GXP21xx and WP810/820. As I understand it the GXP16xx and GXP17xx will not be supported (processor too underpowered).

There's no need to use GAPS as handsets will look for a config in GDMS and provision from there. If you have a GAPS profile it will use that however if there's a GDMS profile as well it will then use that.

I used GDMS to deploy over 150 GRP2602/GRP2615 handsets earlier this year on Vodia and it worked flawlessly. I rarely use GAPS now apart from for unsupported handsets (on GDMS that is)...GDMS is much more capable.

As for integration with GDMS there is an API that can be used. for integration https://doc.grandstream.dev/GDMS-API/EN/#api-157121573453101000009

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I use both gaps and GDMS, i already have GDMS setup to work with vodia.


the way i made it work, is you make a profile to point to your PBX, I have two profiles, since i have two PBX servers.

add the phone to pbx, then apply the PBX pofile to the device in question. after a reboot it will point to the pbx and the pbx will provision it. i use this since i have vodia and another brand pbx, and i can easily switch between them.

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