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Issues with users passwords on the App and browser for V68

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We just upgraded yesterday from V67 to V68 since that time we have been having issues with users login to the PBX via the web interface and Mobile Apps.  We reset the user password , the temporary password filed to update is greyed out, we sent the QR code via email to  the user, the Mobile scans the QR and nothing happens.

We rollback to the previous version 67 and everything start working fine immediately.  we now move the platform back to V68 to investigate the issues.   As anyone noticed any similar issues or bugs in the V68?   We reset the password for the users from the admin panel, the users are still unable to login using the new passords.


We have raised a support ticket but we are still expecting response and like to check if anyone has ay solution fast !




Password reset error.png

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Please update one more time! :)

Starting this version of the app the version you see at the bottom left corner is no longer relevant and will be phased out. The reason for that is we've introduced a new mechanism that matches the version of the PBX to user portal to allow for a better compatibly. Meaning there's no need to worry about having any compatibility issues between PBX and the app, and by simply updating PBX the user portal (web & app) will be updated as well.

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We were using version 68 without any problems, but as soon as we updated to version 69, we started experiencing the same login problems with softphone and apps. Even when users reset the password, the prompt keeps saying "Incorrect password, please try again." Initially, we were unable to log into the admin portal on version 69, but RAW LOGIN enabled me to downgrade the software. However, we are currently stuck with this problem as even going back to version 68 does not work anymore. Any help would be appreciated. We are awaiting to hear from the Vodia Support about our issue but hoping this forum might help, Thanks

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