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Queue metrics


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I am looking at the queue metrics on the windows app that a queue manager would see.  Is there somewhere that explains all this?

What is the idle time in the queue metrics?  I can see ring time, hold time and talk time in seconds seem to match the actual calls.  But I can't see what the idle time is telling me...

The interaction length looks to be an average time spent on calls?  What is the Occupancy line?

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thanks, I thought it was but it doesnt seem to match anything.  Last week the idle time was 1.5 hours and so far this week it is 0.  Our true idle time should be much higher - we are not constantly on the phone..  


Today I have in the metrics 3 calls. 1 in and 1 missed.  But the call log shows 1 IN and 2 Out and no missed calls...

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