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Play Message before ring group.


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We want to play a message one time, before transferring to a ring group.

I didnt see an option for that, so I guess the work around would be to make a Auto Attendant. 

I want to play the Message once then send to a ring group.

there is a setting named: Number of times to repeat the welcome message

Options are Default, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

There is no 0 option. choosing one will play the message and then repeat the message one time. choosing default plays the message a few times.

I did the "Christian Hack", press F12, change the values to 0 then save. this doesnt work.

can we add an option for that?

Also can we have an option to disable Extension input. i dont want them to be able to get anywhere but listen to the message then transfer to a ring group.

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use an IVR?

Note: An E("end of message") or T("timeout") can also be used in the string to indicate when the call should be sent to the specified extension. For example, & !E!70!will send the call to account 70 at the end of the message, and !T!70!will send it to account 70 at the end of the timeout. (Note: The timeout relies on the IVR account's Timeout setting.)

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