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Notification Blacklist


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I get notifications for ips that get blacklisted, in recents weeks i am getting more and more. specially from the same IP. We started blocking these IPs, but even though the IP is blocked, we still get notifications from that specific IP. 

anyway to disable these notification if the IP is already blacklisted?

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The problem is that some devices will try immediately to reconnect when the TCP connection gets closed, which results in an own-device-DoS. That is why the PBX must wait for some time before closing the connection. 

Because of the way TCP/IP works the PBX needs to accept the connection before it can get the remote address. That does take some CPU. Firewall manufacturers will not go out of business anytime soon. 

Why we have two records remains a little mystery though. 

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I am not sure I understand you.

Let me clarify a few items, this PBX is not production. I do have a few devices provisioned to it for testing purposes. But this IP geolocates to florida. which i have no customers on the east coast.

Regardless of the fact the PBX needs to accept the connection, why am i still getting email notifications? I got 191 emails in the last 8 days for this particular IP.

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