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iPhone contacts in Vodia App


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As for the address book and at the risk of being stubborn, the iOS app is working with the phone address book. You can use the local contacts to dial with the Vodia app, all you have to do is choose the right app from the contact detail view (just like with all other apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and so on). Yes, the address book is not inside the app, but IMHO it is even better to use the Apple contacts app instead of trying to write our own copy of the contact app. 

Copying the local address book is IMHO a complete no go that would justify immediate removal from the app store because it violates everything I could imaging about privacy. Maybe other vendors see it differently, but this would be outright theft IMHO. Having incoming calls show up in the local call log is already a problem thinking about sensitive data when someone leaves the company, but that's another topic.

I agree with service flags status and ACD login and logout, although the good old DND serves well if you don't want to get calls, including from the ACD. This is something for the next version. 

But as for the address book, we first need to understand what the users really want before making a huge effort to come up with our own version of the build-in address book and then find out its not what users need.


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it would also be interesting to be able to trigger the call IMMEDIATELY as soon as you press the person you want to call and not have the menu please select: a call or an sms. I think that in the settings of the app simply deactivate sms when you don't need it because customers complain about having to do two manipulations to trigger a call.

Thank you for your understanding


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