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Best setup for two company, using same phones


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There are two different companies, CompanyA and CompanyB. There are total of 6 users. They have 6 phones, they want Line1 on all the phones to be CompanyA and they want Line2 on all the phones to be CompanyB. Outgoing calls shuold display the correct CallerID depending on which Line the user picks. As far as incoming calls, it should ring on the correct line, depending on which DID was called.

How would I be able to set this up?

Also how would i handle transfers?

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if they were a single tenant then you could use ring groups and the group name to distinguish inbound calls for answering as the correct company.  Dialling out (I assume you want to dial out as either company from the same phone) you could do this with dialling rules.. transferring is then just a standard transfer between extensions.

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