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How TO Service Flags


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When you create a service flag, choose type day/night. Then in the holiday inputbox type in the holidays.

Holidays are written in the format Month/Day, you may also use any number of holidays (for example, "12/24 12/25 12/26").


I don't know the specific behaviour of the holiday-date but I assume it will be your 'sorry we're closed' message for the whole day.

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Okay, let's say we are not closed the entire day on the holiday. How is this setup?


In the "Holiday" field can you type something like: 12/24 3:00P-5:00P


Or something like that?

Or how do you have holiday hours that are NOT the whole day?


I'm sure I'm missing something simple,



I do not think you can do that. Maybe you should just create a service flag with necessary time settings for that day.

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