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Yealink Device Management


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Hey team,

I know its easy to add your Yealink global enterprise DM / Site ID to general pramas, but it would be ideal for a custom general prams per tenant/domain that covers this to help split the data with in that system for easy location and alerting from the Yealink side.

I have not dived too deeply yet, but maybe its possible to do it on the level of the RPS config and map based on domain ID, aka Site ID/Region ID, like customerid.domain.com etc with customer ID being the key value, like how rps maps the provision request. thoughts ?

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4 hours ago, Vodia support said:

Hi, you could use the Yealink general, add your values there and it will only work on the tenant level, each tenant has this setting as well. 



You can also do it on system level, where it can affect all of the tenants on the system


You could but then you would have to be copy and pasting the rest of your custom settings from the root level per domain, then when you want to make updates to some of those settings you will have to go through each domain one by one to update, not efficient. 

Basically, needs a new "input box" like Yealink General but for Site ID. 

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7 hours ago, Vodia PBX said:

But the site ID would not be a general parameter, it would be parameter for the MAC address? Otherwise, if it's just a general parameter YMCS would not take notice?

It can be a general pram as a quick fix, I am sure there would be a smarter way to do it as part of RPS based on some initial reading I was doing of their doc's, I will investigate that and come back.

The phone talks back to Yealink DM with its known site ID when config is loaded if it's in your general prams and put's it into the correct entry within that portal, based on.

dm.enterprise_id = abc123
dm.site_id = lmno123

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17 minutes ago, Vodia PBX said:

I still don't 100 % get it what the ID are for. Are they used in the Yealink DM as a way to see where devices are? E.g. if you have thousands of devices to better organize them? 

Yep this, it will group them into their matching domain ID's in the yealink device management portal, matching the PBX layout. 

If you link your RPS to your DM, when the phone provisions it automatically creates the domain in DM and gives it a unique site ID, just the phone does not populate into that ID without being told as part of its configuration.

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15 hours ago, Vodia PBX said:

Ok some could just provision the tenant DNS address as the site ID or some kind of hash over it.

rps generate's a unique site ID code and names it based on domain name.  it's the unique site id code that needs to be pulled though into the config.

I will deep dive the doco and see if I can come up with a solution that does not require a new parameter box.

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