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Duplicated recordings


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V68.0.30.  I have recordings set for a tenant that uses call queues.  I have the following set:

Record calls rom queues to extensions, record other calls to extension and record calls from extension to external numbers. 

Inbound calls are being duplicated with a queue recording and also an extension recording.  This seems to occur when the agent puts the caller on hold then resumes, this then activates the recording to the ext. as well.


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Internally, recordings are triggered by an event like the call hits an extension that should be recorded. Because multiple events can trigger the recording, it results in multiple recordings—each of them with possibly different permissions to listen to them. For example lets say a call comes in, goes to a "VIP" A and gets recorded, then that VIP transfers the call to a "lesser" user B where recordings is also enabled: should the whole call recording be available to B? 

It's probably making things overly complicated, and it would be interesting how other systems in the past handled this problem. 

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the entire call is already being recorded as an inbound queue call, it doesn't then also need to be recorded as a call to an extension that only gets a partial recording of the entire call.  It seems a big waste of resources to make multiple redundant recordings.  


As far as permissions go, at the moment it seems to be all or nothing, a user can either listen to all recordings or no recordings.

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No I disagree, the way it’s done is fine. It can be better.

one major improvement will be to encode it mp4 to save space.

i have seen a more fancier setups where it’s a single recording. With stereo audio. Left channel is one side, right channel is the other. And then they have time stamps of when there was transfers and what not. So during playback they can chop up the audio into pieces.

I manage a lot of call centers, mainly they are on five9 and some others. They all have something different.

but new features are coming out. Where they are getting into Audio sentiment and the AI is giving that call center agent a score. Also they now have audio transcription. So they can easily search audio files by text.

also other features I have seen, which I am working on it right now with another PBX. We take the recordings and upload it to the CRM software, so a manager can listen to all the calls from within a single place.

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23 hours ago, mskenderian said:

No I disagree, the way it’s done is fine.

It's not until a call is put in park or hold and resumed before it is then also recorded to the extension ... as well as still recording to the queue.  Resulting in a partial recording of the conversation.  Seems a waste to me.

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The PBX already supports stereo recording, with each party staying in their own channel. MP4 is a video format, MP3 could make sense but OPUS would be a better choice today. However its a mess what plays on the web browser, and at this point we'd rather not touch it. That being said maybe it's time to ditch the GSM codec as recording format. And going forward we will have to feed the audio into speech recognition, which further limits our choice for audio formats (uncompressed audio always works). 

The permissions are not only all or nothing—you can listen to your own calls but to all calls one with the permission.

I agree recording multiple tracks is a waste of recordings and confusing. A possible way out would be to keep track of the involved users in the recording in the metadata, and allow the playback only if there is either only that one extension involved or the extension has permission to listen to all recordings. 

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