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iOS App Inbound Caller No Audio


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So I was able to get a PCAP of a call that had the issue. It is random, a person can call in once and no audio then call in 2 minutes later and it works fine. However we did notice that it isn't only calls from the sip trunk, it also happens on calls that originate from calls within the system.

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18 hours ago, desiredeabn said:

it also happens on calls that originate from calls within the system

I'm not sure if that's app related as i don't use it, but normally if you have audio issues internally (extension to extension), then the likely culprit is something on the network. Either a firewall, or bad WiFi device dropping packets...etc

You can try to register two softphones on a desktop, or try to use the web client of the PBX and see if you can re-create the error in different environments. One inside the office where you know it happens, one from a home office with different networking equipment.

But if this ONLY happens on the iOS app then that would be harder to troubleshoot.

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