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I know this has been discussed with hunt groups. but I ran into a call center who wants to have remote ACD agents via PSTN. so they login and the queue calls the PSTN extension and the agent presses 1 to accept the call.


Ran into a local MLM wanting to do this.


Yes, that is on the list.


I am sure that once that we have the feature people will try it out, have a lot of problems, they will pick up calls and nobody connectd (because someone else picked the call up), their phone bill will explode (talking to a lot of mailboxes all the time and waiting for the "1" to connect the call), cell phone mailboxes will be full, their lines will be busy all the time (because one incoming call triggers multiple outgoing calls), the QoS to the ITSP will be hell (because practically nobody has a call limitation) and so on.


But if customers are demanding it, we will put it in. Just want to keep the expecation level reasonable.

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