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Strip Inbound caller ID


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we have  a customer which needs to receive calls without inbound caller ID being displayed. This is the requirement, anything can be displayed but the name or the caller ID of the caller. I tried creating a separate trunk for this customer where i basically stripped everything and still no go. We use ThinQ/Commio as our trunk provider if that has any relevance. Has someone done this before?


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I'm not sure how it would look like, but you can try the FROM-Header settings inside of a ring group if you can route calls through there. Auto-attendants might have this feature too depending on your PBX version.

There should be an option that shows only the group name and should strip/remove the number/name.

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Any setting that I tried shows incoming caller ID. My PBX version even has anonymous as a choice in ring group, but still no cigar. I am wondering if I need to contact our trunk provider for this specific customer. I do not follow the suggestion from the administrator about changing web page template? The requirement is simple, the incoming caller ID should not be displayed or registered due to the privacy issues.

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Perhaps it would help to know what kind of device/platform you are using to receive these calls so support would be better equipped to help you.


On desk phones these settings work as intended and the information gets masked without any issues. In this case you would simply modify the Ring Group/ Attendant with the necessary From-Header setting and the phones receive the information the PBX is sending them. The only caveat is that the full information is present in the CDR's. But if customer has no access to the phone system then this shouldn't be an issue.

On the web app, none of the above happens so the user receives the full list of information every single call. You would either have to ask your inbound provider to overwrite the CID before the call reaches your system or you'd have to severely cut the template to remove elements that display any information related to calls. The latter might be more difficult, perhaps the inbound provider can create a rule/overwrite CID before routing the call to your system. That way you dont' really need to modify the template.

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