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No ringtone or music when tranfering to extension

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I use the autoattendant for my trunk. When a user enters an extension, there is no ringing tone, nor music while the call gets transffered. It's just dead silence until either the extension picks up or voicemail picks up (could be up to 30 seconds) . Half of my customers hang up thinking there is a problem with the phone system.


Also, similarly happens when an extension dials another extension. There is no ringtone, just dead silence, until the person or voicemail picks up.


? Any idea why this could happen ?


What do you need to troubleshoot ?

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Ok ! I figured out what the problema was !


I use the spanish Default IVR. I was also selecting Spanish as the Tone Language.


?WHAT THE HECK IS TONE LANGUAGE? Well, that's what I started asking myself before I realized that each language also has a set of tones (ring tones) asociated with it, correct? So I Spanish does not have one setup, or maybe switching to it has a bug.


If Tone language is indeed the tones asociated with a language pack, I suggest naming that RingTone Set, and not asociating it with a language, unless for some geographic regions there are different tones. If that's the case, then please include the english tone set for spanish also :)


Thanks guys, I am once again a happy user.

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Problem not really solved. I have the same problem.


There is no ringtone on the caller's side upon a transfer from the auto attendant, even though the called phone is ringing. This causes many callers to hang up because they assume their connection got lost somehow.

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Well, if that number is external the audio depends on what the carrier is sending. When putting an internal number, the call should play ringback as soon as the PBX received a 18x code from the device.


That is where the "comfort" noise comes into the game. Comfort means that the PBX or the carrier sends some decent noise to indicate that the channel is still engaged.

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