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Compress recording


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Under the main settings>general tab, in the Appearance section, there is a Compress Recordings option with a yes or no variable. Is setting this to yes compressing like the previous versions did or is this some sort of further compression going on?


No the compression is still using the GSM codec. IMHO a reasonable combination of CPU load, audio quality, Windows compability, and file size. If you don't compress, the codec will save 16 bit/sample.

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does compressing take up additional CPU resources? I assume so.

Is it done on the fly or after the call completed?


It is done on the fly. And yes, it takes performance. Something like 2 MIPS per call. For a modern CPU it is "okay" if you don't go to the limited.


OTOH looking a TB hard drives today, compressing makes only limited sense...

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