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no ringback after change to netgear modem

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can someone help me troubleshoot a ringback problem. After a Dreytek modem died on me I installed a Netgear. I am good on outgoing but callers are getting no rignback tone. 180 is not doing it with the new modem. Could it be an tcp or udp problem?


Make sure that anything called "SIP ALG" or "UPnP" is turned off on the router. Or use TLS to tunnel through the router that might mess with the SIP packets.


I also used a netgear but had no problems. I guess the models are changing quickly, so I am not sure if that helps.


Check if you see the 180 response on the PBX (SIP logging). Last resort would be to use Wireshark on the PBX to see what the PBX receives.

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Getting the same issue recently install a netgear router behind a smc cable modem in hopes of better routing. I can call extensions and even outside numbers the remote phone will ring. however I do not hear ring back nor can either party hear each other when the call is answered.

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