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Domain Export/Import


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I had a case where I needed to backup a domain on a machine running so I used the system to create the backup tar file for the domain. I then needed to format/rebuild their machine. Upon re-installing PBXnSIP on the machine (same version) and then importing the domain, all DID numbers were lost. I remember a problem where something similar to this would happen in 3.1 however it would take restarting the service before they were lost. Now with they do not show up at all. Luckily this customer did not have very many DIDs, however I see this as an urgent issue since it means that backup procedures I have given to other customers are not fully effective.

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If you want to split up a server it is usually easier to clone the setup and then delete those domains that are not supposed to be on the respective server.


Yea, cloning global numbers is an issue. Essentially the problem is that their scope is not in the domain, that is why we have problems backing them up as well.

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In this specific case, I was reluctant to clone the server because of problems with the server. I wanted a clean install. One of the reasons I only trusted the domain portion of PBXnSIP was at the system level it was holding on to 55302 CDR records even though the retention was set to 2d (the customer averages 150 calls per day) I believe it was causing the service not to start in the 30 seconds that windows gives it. Now after the clean install it starts in about 2 seconds.

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Good morning,

I have kind of similar problem.

I have a domain in my pbx VERSION 4.3 which has some extensions too.

I have saved my domain configuration using the specific function present in the web interface: I get an xml file that contains the domain AND the extensions.


I have another pbx (VERSION 4.3). In this second pbx, I've tried to upload the .xml file going to admin, domains, create.

At the end of the procedure, I have the domain but NOT the extensions and I don't have any kind of error message.

How can I export the domain WITH ALL ITS EXTENSIONS?

Am I missing something?


Thank you,


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