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I remember the following:


  • ACD may now have a priority. That means a ACD with higher priority will always get the agent before a ACD with lower priority. This makes it possible to have "first", "business" and "cattle" class services just like we know it from the airlines.
  • Connect message: When an agent picks the call up, the PBX can quickly send an email with the connection data. The point here is that this can be used for linking the ACD to the CRM system by embedding handcrafted URL where the agent just has to click on in the email program.
  • The agent login and logout time reporting has been changed, hopefully improved. Now it should be possible to see when the agent logged in in the morning and when they logged out in the evening (so you can see the total time in the company) and then also see the breaks in between.
  • Call recording on ACD should now also survice transfers.
  • Integration with PAC and WAC.
  • CSTA integration for monitoring the ACD from third-party tools.

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